Posted here are "bootleg" recordings of live performances by The Moshe Skier Band.  These are mostly recorded by someone in the audience with a tape recorder or minidisk, so the quality varies.  Enjoy!

New!  Movie Bootlegs Here!


New! March, 2005-Rehearsal:

This is basically a taped rehearsal.  It's a live recording, without overdubs, but in contrast to a typical concert bootleg, you can actually hear each instrument:

Shoshanas Yaakov (Skier)

Ashrei (Skier)

Adon Olam (Skier)

Light Up (Himmelman/Broza)

Tzadik (Rosenzweig)

Baruch Hashem (Skier)

Red House (Hendrix/Appel)

Shiru Lo (Skier)


Barchi Nafshi (Skier)

Amen (Clapton/Solomon)

Vayiven (Piamenta)



February, 2004-Young Israel of West Rogers Park:

Light Up (Himmelman/Broza)

Hashkivenu (Skier)

Lecha Ezbach (Botnick)

Yonah and the Whale (Solomon/Setzer)

Minyan Man

Adon Olam (Skier)


May 8, 2004 - The Note, Chicago

Tzama (arr. Appel)

Yismechu/Freebird (Taubenblat/Skynrd)

The full set list from The Note is here.  Click on each song to hear the live version!


September 12, 2004

JCC Shalom Milwaukee Festival

These songs were recorded with a Digital Jukebox and came out very distorted.  I worked some magic with Cooledit Pro, but they still sound like they were recorded with a cell phone.  But the playing is good.

Shalom Aleichem (Skier) - My daughter Perel is playing acoustic guitar on this track.  This sounds closest to how I imagined it when I wrote it in '86.  Can you tell what band influenced it?

I'm Gonna Leave (Harris) - Harmonica solo by Steve Cohen


December 11, 2004

Young Israel of West Rogers Park

Melaveh Malka

Red House - Hendrix by way of Piamenta/Appel


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