Movies of Live Performances (Windows Media Player)


Sherman Perk, Milwaukee 2006 (w/Adam Margolis)

Lecha Ezbach

more songs from Sherman Perk

Summerfest, Milwaukee 2008

Im Ain Ani Li(download mp3)


Red House(download mp3)


Just How Long(download mp3)


Adon Olam(download mp3)


Ashrei/Tzadik(download mp3)


Shalom Aleichem(download mp3)


Haben Yakir Li(download mp3)



Summerfest, Milwaukee 2007

Shiru Lo (download MP3)


Hashkivenu (download MP3)


Jonah and the Whale (download MP3)


Od Yishama/Voodoo Chile (Piamenta/Hendrix) (download MP3)


Baruch Hashem (download MP3)


More video at Youtube!


Summerfest, Milwaukee 2006


Shoshanas Yaakov


Carlbach/Beck/Piamenta Medley



Full Summerfest Show

Shlock Rock with The Moshe Skier Band

Milwaukee, November 2005

Yo Yo Yo Yarmulke

Baruch Hashem

Ayzehu Chacham

Prayer Jumping

We've Got a Strong Desire



February, 1989

Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach

In February of 1989, Kabbalah played a concert with Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach at Einstein's Robbins Auditorium.  This is a video clip of "Lemaan Achai" (300kbps)


February, 1986

Kabbalah at Yeshiva University

Kabbalah opened up for Mordechai Ben David at YU!  See the wacky dueling soloists perform "Yismechu" (450 Kbps)


August, 2002

The Moshe Skier Band at ShermanFest, Milwaukee

Somachti- I put this clip up mostly so that you can check out my cool acoustic bass guitar.  The studio version is quite different: Somachti


Someone Else's Place- a cover off of the Jewish Pride Album


A Very Shlock Rock Purim

Shlock Rock Concert somewhere in NY in 1991.  Probably the last time the original band was all together.  Tight Show.

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